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A brief Details About us

Bottle Knows, is a reliable, trusted and reputable liquor delivery service in Calgary. With quality booze, food, and service, Bottle Knows will deliver to you in the comfort of your own home, saving you a trip to the store. By using our service, you can relax with friends and family, without the worry of trying to refill everyone’s glasses. Leave it to us so that you can concentrate on being the life and soul of the party!

Our prices aren’t marked up, meaning you get the best price possible. Why limit yourself to a happy hour when you can have your drinks hand-delivered to your front door? We cater for small gatherings, large parties and special occasion within Calgary. Whatever you need, we’ll do our utmost best to deliver and exceed your expectations.

As our saying goes, “Don’t drink and drive.” Let us come to you, with some of the best liquor on the market.
When it comes to liquor and performing a stellar service, Bottle Knows best!

Calgary Liquor Delivery YYC

What makes us the best?

Mainly, we deliver liquor till 2:00 am, making Bottle Knows an ideal service for a planned get-together in need of a restock in booze, or impromptu parties desperate for some food and drink. Just find your perfect bottle and select food that’ll sate your hunger, and we’ll handle the rest!

Your Favourite Liquor Delivery Service in Calgary

Bottle Knows also delivers non-alcoholic products like:










Diet Pepsi


Ginger Ale




Club Soda


Tonic Water








Cream Soda


Cranberry Juice


many more...

You drink, we drive!

Bottle Knows, has a broad selection of liquor at your disposal. Whatever you are in the mood for, we will try and meet your demands and deliver to your doorstep. We can offer you:

Our Bestselling Beers

Molson Canadian
Coors Light

Our Charming Champagne

Roederer Piper
Cave Springs

Our Lavish Liquor

Jim Bean
Jack Daniels
Grey Goose
Canadian Club Whiskey

Our Wondrous Wines

Sauvignon Blanc
Oyster Bay
Wolf Blass

What’s more, Bottle Knows caters to those who may need a non-alcoholic drink. We also deliver soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, 7UP, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Fanta and many more. Perfect for those who are driving, can’t stand the taste of liquor, or if you need mixers for your liquor.

Shaken not stirred

With our liquor delivery service in Calgary. mix things up and turn your party into a cocktail hour. Order a few liquor staples as well as some mixers, and try your hand at being a mixologist for the night. Make a dark soda (Coca-Cola and whiskey or rum), a lemon-lime soda (Sprite and whiskey), or surprise everyone’s taste buds with a grapefruit soda, a perfect match for tequila – don’t forget the salt!

Create refreshing G&T’s with a twist, master the martini, and learn how to mix the most sensational of Manhattans. With such a glamorous take on a party, your night is sure to go down in history. After all, who doesn’t like an extravagant cocktail? Be sure to check out our entire list of liquor before making an order! Our list of available alcoholic drinks won’t disappoint. There’s a drink for everyone.

Feeling peckish? We’ve got your back!

As well as being a liquor delivery service in Calgary, we also deliver foods that are the perfect pairing to alcoholic beverages. Who would pass on a delicious pizza when sipping a cold one? Don’t let the munchies get the better of you!

Bottle Knows can deliver food that’ll satisfy your hunger. Choose from our selection of:








Mightnight Snacks

Don’t let your hunger control you, control your hunger!

Bottle Knows Story

Do we deliver for special occasions?

Yes! Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation party, corporate events or even a wedding, we will deliver your liquor choices so that you can keep the celebrations going. We at Bottle Knows will do everything in our power to make life easier for our customers – making us one of the most reliable liquor delivery services in Calgary!

How does Bottle Knows work?

There are no difficult steps when it comes to ordering at Bottle Knows.

Step One:

Choose your booze. Select from beer, champagne, wine, and liquor.

Step Two:

Satisfy the hunger. Got the munchies? Choose from our selection of scrumptious midnight snacks. Perfect for a party or small gathering of friends.

Step Three:

Order online. Put in your delivery information, add your payment details.

Step Four:

Wait for your delivery. Don’t let the excitement get the best of you!

Step Five:

Show your proof of age upon delivery.

Step Six:

Uncork the wine, open up the beer, and pour yourself a glass of the good stuff!

Step Seven:

Repeat the above steps another day.

We promise to make the process as simple as possible so that you get what you want, when you want, with no strings attached or marked up liquor. Bottle Knows takes pride in offering the very best liquor delivery service in Calgary with no extra or ridiculous costs.

Making your payment

All online payments are seamless and easy to complete. We accept all major cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network.

Have your ID ready

Keep things legal and smooth, and present your ID when our delivery guys knock at your front door. All purchasers are required to be at least 18 years old; otherwise, your liquor won’t be delivered to you. Make life easier by meeting our conditions.

Have any questions?

Call us at (403) 966-5929, and we will answer all your questions regarding our liquor delivery service in Calgary NW, NE, SW, and SE. Our customer support team is ready and raring to go, making your experience with Bottle Knows seamless and memorable. Let us help you have the best night in with friends or family.
Remember, when it comes to a Calgary liquor delivery service, Bottle Knows best!

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