4 Simple Ways To Prevent A Hangover

Hangovers are a most common problem that people in the west deal with after consuming various types of hard liquors, and perhaps you too must have encountered that monster of hangovers taking control of your head. However, you now never want to experience the same again, anytime in the future. Maybe you would be saying to yourself “I’m never gonna drink again”. Ironically, when the situation may arrive; you never know. 

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Hence, follow these 5 tips from bottle knows, your most trusted late-night liquor store Calgary that always comes in handy, letting you have a safer experience while drinking.


The first thing that should always strike your head is that you need to have some self-control. Although we very well recognize and acknowledge the fact that alcohol has many health benefits. However, “excess of everything is bad ”. Hence, it would always be good for you to drink in moderation and never overconsume as that’s the number reason why you often get a severe hangover, and trust me a strong cup of coffee alone will not fix it.


Experts have found that when we consume alcohol on an empty stomach, it simply goes through our intestines and is immediately absorbed into our bloodstream. This implies that we’ll become drunk more quickly and feel much worse the next day. On the contrary, drinking after eating a heavy meal keeps your blood alcohol level relatively low. 

Hence, according to the same experts, you must make sure the food you consume beforehand is filling and will keep you going, at least until that midnight snack. Various experts advise consuming foods high in zinc and nicotinic acid, two nutrients that have been proved to lessen the intensity of hangover symptoms, such as red meat, poultry, seafood, avocados, mushrooms, and whole grains.


It is certainly true that every type of hard liquor has different amounts of liquor content and works differently on the body and mind. Hence, mixing certainly is not a good idea. In simple words, your body becomes familiarized to being intoxicated at a specific rate if you begin drinking something with a lower alcohol level. Your body continues to believe it is becoming intoxicated at the pace of the first drink when you switch to something with a higher alcohol concentration especially when different drinks are blended, causing you to drink more quickly. And as a result, you become even sicker.


In the cultivation of the vines or the winemaking process, no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals are permitted. Organic wine cannot have any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added. Organic wine is claimed to provide many more health advantages than regular wines since it is made without the use of dangerous chemicals. Organic wine is the ideal eco-friendly enjoyment, helping with everything from weight reduction to hangovers. While traditional winemakers could expose their customers to harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals, organic wine supports natural farming: remaining healthy and sustainable for the benefit of people and the environment.

Bottom Line: The only thing to be considered here is that consuming alcohol is not bad at all. Ironically, it may have several health benefits provided that it is consumed in moderation. Obviously, excessive consumption will be dangerous for any or everybody. 

Well, the fall has just started marking the beginning of the festivities and the holiday season. So, better stock up on your favorite organic wines and other hard liquors so that you can have a good time. Order your booze from Bottle Knows®, Calgary, we also are a late-night liquor store Calgary.

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