5 Award-winning Canadian Whiskey To Add To Your Collection

The Canadian Whisky Awards published a list of whiskies that attained excellence in dram-making about a month ago. Despite being part of the Canadian whiskey awards, these whiskies were not all produced or made on Canadian soil. However, they are all deserving of a spot in the Canadian whiskey awards, so they should be deserving of your drinking sessions as well. While some may be significantly more expensive, they may be a collector addition to your home bar.

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 1. Crown Royal Nobel Collection (Winter Wheat)

The Diageo portfolio includes the Crown Royal Nobel Winter Wheat, which is produced in the Diageo Global Supply distillery in Gimli, Manitoba. It is then combined at a Diageo blending lab in Montreal. While it won Best Canadian Whisky, it was also nominated for Best Blended Whisky and Sippin’ Whisky of the Year.

2. Pendleton Director’s Reserve 20 Years Old

Pendleton Director’s Reserve 20 YO was voted Connoisseur Whisky of the Year in the multi-market category at the awards.

Butterscotch, almond granola, peppery spices, dried orange peel, crisp oak, rich body, long creamy finish with excellent tannic bitters, as described by the judges at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2022. 

3. JP Wiser’s Red Letter 15 Years Old

JP Wiser’s Red Letter 15 YO was named Connoisseur Whisky of the Year – Canada Exclusive.

The judges at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2022 characterized the tasting notes as follows: hot peppery spices right away, then oak caramels, fruit cocktail, faintly nutty, resolving into dry oak. A long-lasting spicy radiance with fruit and clean wood.

4. Royal Canadian Small Batch

The 2022 Sippin’ Whisky of the Year was Royal Canadian Small Batch, 40% ABV. So, if you enjoy patient sipping while romancing their golden essence, this is an excellent choice.

5. Black Velvet Original

Black Velvet Original, 40% ABV, was named Whisky Value of the Year in the international market. Simply stated best-tasting notes on a budget.

The following are the tasting notes as provided by the judges at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2022: Caramel, fruity, crisp and clean, glistening spices, rye, leather, orange peel, and bitter pith on the aftertaste.

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