6 Best Delicious Summer Recipes for Liquor-Based Ice Cream Floats

One of the most popular ways to enjoy ice cream in the summer is to make a delicious liquor-based ice cream float. To make this summertime favourite, all you need is some good quality ice cream, buy liquor online in Calgary, and a tall glass.

The recipe for this decadent treat is simple and easy to follow. Simply add a scoop of vanilla ice cream into the bottom of a tall glass. Then pour your favourite liquor over the top until it reaches the top of the ice cream. You can also add any other toppings that you like to your drink such as whipped cream or maraschino cherries for added flavour and texture.

There are many different kinds of recipes for these delicious floats that you can try out this summer! We will also provide some tips on how to make them as well as some of our favourite recipes for you to try out. So let’s get started!

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6 Best Recipes for Delicious Summertime Liquor-Based Ice Cream Floats

  1. Classic Gin and Tonic Float

The first recipe is for a classic gin and tonic float. It is a simple recipe that only requires two ingredients: one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one shot of gin. All you need to do is mix them together in a glass and enjoy!

  1. Irish Coffee Float

The second recipe is for an Irish coffee float. You will need two scoops of vanilla ice cream, one shot of whiskey, and two tablespoons of coffee liqueur. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender or food processor until it reaches your desired consistency before pouring into your glass or serving bowl.

Ice cream floats are a classic summertime treat. But what if we add liquor to the mix? Well, that’s where these delicious recipes come in!

  1. Blackberry Gin Fizz Float

A Blackberry Gin Fizz Float is a gin-based cocktail that is mixed with lemonade and fizzy water. The drink gets its name from the blackberry syrup that is used to flavour it. This drink has an amazing taste that will make you feel like you’re on vacation!

  1. Jack Daniel’s And Vanilla Ice Cream

Jack Daniel’s whiskey and vanilla ice cream are two classic ingredients that work well together. This drink can be served in a glass or in a mug, depending on how you want to enjoy it. You can easily get Jack Daniel’s whiskey with a quick visit to an online liquor store in Calgary.

  1. Dark Chocolate Cherry Bourbon Floats

Dark chocolate cherry bourbon floats are made by combining vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate syrup, and bourbon whiskey into a blender and blending until smooth.

  1. Champagne Floats

Champagne Floats are a refreshing alcoholic drink that is perfect for parties and celebrations. A Champagne Float is a drink made by pouring an alcoholic beverage of choice over ice cream. Alcoholic beverages that are popular for use in Champagne Floats include champagne, Irish Cream Liqueur, Brandy and Rum. The alcohol is then topped with the remaining ingredients and stirred until the ice cream has melted.

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