6 Rums To Try In Canada | Best Rums Under $50

From time to time, a little bit of drink will do no harm to you. It’s a good way to get some “me” time after a long week or it can be used during parties and get-togethers, but the thing is, we sometimes want to try something new, right?

We know you’re not alone in this, that’s why we decided to help you out.

In this blog, we are going to list down some rums that you should try with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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6 Rums To Try In Canada That Are Under $50

Bacardi is known as a party drink, so if you want something light to try out with your friends during a get-together, this Rum is good, considering that it’s not that expensive and it’s known to be a drink that can go along with almost anything.

Another one from Bacardi that you want to try is the Bacardi Superior White Rum. This one is considered to be rum for all cocktails if you are into making them. It has a wonderful balance of flavors and is known to go with anything once made right.

With around 40 percent alcohol beverage, the Captain Morgan White Rum is a sweet and wonderful drink with family and friends. This beverage is created from the finest rums and is known to have a refreshing, clean and crisp taste. One of the most famous cocktails for this one is the Captain Morgan Mojito, it’s a must-try during a hot summer day!

The Appleton State is known to have a sweet taste. It is known for its smooth, salty, sweet, and bold flavor profile. We prefer this rum if you are meeting your friends after a long time. It’s a good drink if you’re just going to chill at your friend’s house and talk about each other’s life.

Another one from Bacardi, considering they are known for selling affordable and tasty rum. This 8-year-old aged rum from Bacardi is good for cocktails and used drinks. It adds an extra sweet taste, rich flavor, and complexity to drinks.

This drink is known for its Jamaican taste. If you want a drink that has a taste that lingers for some time, this one is for you. Not only that but the drink is known to really go well with cola. So if you’re into cocktails, this one is for you!

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