8 Rum Brands That Are Trending In 2023

Rum is finally getting the attention that it deserves with this. It offers a variety of options to choose from. This is considered a medicine that people prefer to have in the winter to protect themselves from the cold weather. The rum is specifically made from fermenting and distilling sugar cane juice which makes it safe if taken by adults and helps them to cope well during the winter season. Due to this reason, people this season prefer to drink rum, ordering it from an online liquor store Canada.

Online Liquor Store Canada

If you are struggling with a cold in the winter, then this blog is good for you to read. In this post, various rums are mentioned as something people should try this season to deal with the cold weather. 

 1. Plantation Xamaca Special Dry:  Plantation Original Dark Rum is perfect in a cocktail like the Old Fashioned because it has hints of cinnamon and clove, and it also has a smokey aspect that adds texture. More than that, it is a recognized category of dark rum, which is dark in appearance with just a bit of caramel color. The goal is to strongly underline the strong, emotive nature of these rums. 

2. Bacardi White Rum: This is the superior rum, which can also be called light rum or silver rum, that makes the drinks taste royal. It is an excellent cocktail rum because it doesn’t overpower other flavors or blend straightforwardly. It’s ideal for traditional rum cocktails like the Mojito. More than this, the white rum led to the creation of a Bacardi rum house style that is exceptionally well-balanced and light for its class.

3. Lambs Navy: In Canada, this is one of the famous brands that people prefer to drink during the winter. This is because navy rum is a good value for money, which people prefer to taste. When it comes to know about the royal taste of this rum, it almost tastes like liquid Christmas cake because it is so fruity. Due to all these reasons, this rum is too sweet. 

4. Malibu Rum: This is the rum that is originally made from fruit spirits. This specific rum tastes like a coconut-flavored liqueur that contains alcohol. Mainly, this rum is used to make various kinds of pina coladas, which helps people learn about this royal-flavored drink. Due to this, people get interested in trying out this unique coconut-flavored drink. 

 5. Angostura 1919: This is a rum that offers a rich, complex scent with notes of vanilla, toasted oak, sweet fruitcake, stone fruits, and subtle baking spices. In just one taste, baked peach pie, cinnamon, vanilla, toasted oak, and allspice become obvious as the primary flavors, with fennel, pineapple upside-down cake, and nuts acting as hints. Round, sweet, and spicy with just the right amount of complexity, this rum’s finish will keep you going back for more.

 6. Appleton Estate Rum: For some, Appleton Estate Signature is a sipping rum, but it tastes best when combined with ginger beer or cola. On the nose, citrus scents of orange peel mix notes of tobacco, tropical fruit, and vanilla from the American oak barrels. Due to this rich combination, people get interested in trying this rum in the winter season to get a cozy vibe. This all helps them to experience the royal taste.

 7. Bacardi 16-year-old Gran Reserva Especial: The limited edition Bacardi 16-year-old was created specifically for travel retail. This rum provides warm woody aromas, stone fruits, caramel, and a finish with traces of vanilla that make it taste more royal. This has all helped people try this rum in the coming season. 

 8. Bacardi 8-Year Rum: This is the refined, crafted sipping rum for the mature palate that has a rich and complex flavor that people want to savor. This superior rum is delicate as well as perfectly scented rum. Hints of vanilla go well with the subtle scents of lime and almonds. The finish is crisp, clean, and dry.

Final Word

This was just a little about the most popular rums that encouraged people to order rum from the online liquor store Canada. If you want to try these rums this winter, just call Bottle Knows, your trusted partner that will deliver the drink to your doorstep. 

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