Amazing Booze & Chocolate Fusions That All Should Try

When it comes to trying chocolates with new combinations, people can try them with the numerous available options that they can order through the Calgary dial-a-bottle service at their doorstep. More than this, if people find the right drink to try with chocolate, then it would make for a heavenly experience with these unique mixes. 

If you also want to know which chocolate combinations go well with drinks, then you are at the right spot. Through this blog, you will get to know about the soulmate combinations of chocolate and booze, which everyone can try at home and outside as well. 

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List of 6 Amazing Booze & Chocolate Fusions:

Here are some of the amazing booze and chocolate pairings that all should try for their heavenly experience: 

1. Neat Whisky with Chocolove Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate

This slightly sweet and citrus flavor contrasts nicely with whisky and enhances the experience people. The pairing will not let you down if you even try this with your partner. More than this, we can say, “Let the flavored chocolate melt in your mouth easily with just a sip”.

2. Gin with Milk Caramel Chocolate

Gin & milk caramel chocolate is considered to be the best pairing because the caramel in the chocolate bar highlights the notes of whisky and surprisingly provides a good experience to the people. If people try this combination, they will surely love to try it again and again to get the caramel experience, which is like a heavenly experience. 

3. Rum with Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate

Rum & Cadbury chocolate is another heavenly combination that all should try. This is because the flavors in both complement each other in such a way that they can steal both the heart and sweet tooth of people at the same time. The presence of nuts and fruits in the chocolate elevates the rich taste of rum and makes it worth trying for all. 

4. Vodka with Dark Chocolate having Blackberry Sage

We all know that the texture of vodka is almost creamy, which can be beautifully paired with dark chocolate to elevate the experience. Though berries have a good herb flavor that makes the combination taste more subtle and lets them share this heavenly fusion with their loved ones also.

5. Sweet Liqueur with Endangered Species Dark Chocolate having Salt & Almonds

This is another heavenly combination that people should try for an exciting experience. This is because the dark chocolate, with a bit of salt & almonds, elevates the richness of the drink and lets that melt in your mouth with a sip of sweet liqueur. This combination will help people get hangovers with less alcohol. 

6. Bourbon with White Chocolate

The combination mainly picks up notes of milk from the chocolate and takes people’s experiences to the next level. People try this unique combination because chocolate somehow reduces the intensity of heat that bourbon produces in the body. More than this, chocolate contains fat, which fills people’s stomachs easily and lets them consume less alcohol. 


Through the above information, you get to know which chocolate goes well with alcoholic drinks. If you also want to try the same thing once, then place your order through the Calgary dial-a-bottle service of Bottle Knows and get any drink delivered to your doorstep. 

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