Amazing Food And Whiskey Pairings That All Should Try

The idea of whether the whisky is a drink that should be paired with food has long been debatable, but the practice is becoming more and more common. It’s interesting to note that older whisky was always consumed on its own, that is, without any meal. It was seen as odd to take it with food. But now, almost all are getting keenly interested in trying this odd combination so that they don’t get a full hangover.

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In this blog post, the food items are mentioned so that people can pair well with the whisky which they will purchase from Bottle knows, everyone’s favorite late-night liquor store Calgary.

 1. Dark Chocolate: You should consider combining these two elements if you haven’t already. Dark chocolate is the finest type to use for this. Compared to milk or white chocolate, which are significantly sweeter, dark chocolate has more powerful nuances to be extracted. Due to this comparison, whisky and chocolate are considered to be a great combination.

2. Cheese: A cheese board is an ideal companion to whisky. Just the thought of it makes our mouths water. Regardless of the type of cheese you select, whisky and cheese is a delicious combination because they both have complex, fragrant flavors that are exciting to the taste.

3. Apple Pie: Light, aromatic, slightly sweet whiskies pair extremely well with the delicacy of apple pie. It can be paired with bourbon and other whiskies as the sweetness helps to enjoy the taste of whisky really well. Other than this, the bourbon’s caramel notes make a wonderful pairing with apple pie.

4. Sushi: Sushi is a new pairing that goes well with whisky nowadays. As this food is recommended to have with that whisky which is strong in flavor because the combination of both will balance the flavors perfectly in the mouth.

5. Dried nuts and Fruits: Fruits and nuts make for a delicious snack to be served with whisky. But, be cautious about the varieties of nuts that are being served with the drink. Walnuts and Brazil nuts, which are more bitter, pair nicely with sweeter whiskies. Although stronger, peatier whisky pairs well with sweeter nuts like pecans or pistachios.

6. Grilled Steaks: Whisky and grilled steaks go well with each other as they both have a smokey flavor. Because steak is a gamier meat, it naturally pairs nicely with a medium-to-full-bodied whisky. Based on the cut of meat, its fattiness, and the flavors the experiment of whisky and steak can be done.

Final Word

If you are planning a late-night outing with your friends and want to try these amazing food and whisky combinations. Just call Bottle knows, your trusted and favorite late-night liquor store Calgary and get your drink to try with any of the food items. 

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