Choosing wines can be overwhelming. Rule of thumb is to always remember if you are pairing with food – Light color meats generally pair with light color wines.  Dark color meats pair with dark colored wines.  Bottle Knows is happy to help if you ever have any questions.  We can deliver the type of wine and food you are craving.  Our experienced staff can help you to choose a wine selection based on what types of wines you have enjoyed in the past.  With Bottle Knows there is always guidance available if you cannot decide which wine to buy.  We deliver wine anywhere within the city of Calgary. We can bring large orders for special events, or a single bottle to enjoy with dinner.  Calgarians who call us know that we do not disappoint!  Some popular brands we serve regularly are Kim Crawford, Barefoot, 19 Crimes, Bodacious, Lindeman’s Bin, Naked Grape, Copper Moon, Wine o’ Clock, Wolf Blass, and many more. Bottle Knows is licensed to serve until 2 am, and we also accept pre-orders.  Choose us for your delivery needs! 

White wines come from many different types of grapes.  Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, & Rose. That is only a few. White wine is a perfect addition to a nice lemon roasted chicken dinner.  White wine also can be combined with a tasty Halibut or Salmon.  White wine can be used in cooking to really bring out flavors and aromas.  Bottle Knows has access to many retailers who provide wide varieties of different brands to suit your needs.  Bottle Knows is happy to assist with your wine choices!  Pinot Grigio has a nice light citrus flavor.  It can be enjoyed on its own, or served with a delicious pasta, such as a herbed Alfredo.  Sauvignon Blanc is best served chilled, as it is a refreshing white wine with hints of grapefruit. 

Red wines also have many different varietals: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernets, Chianti, and there are plenty more!  Red wine can make your steak dinner a feast you will always remember.  Red wine can also be used in cooking.  Try a little with sautéed mushrooms or onions.  Merlot is a soft gentle red, and can have a hint of chocolate.  A great red blend is the Red Rooster.  Try it today! Another popular red wine is Malbec.  It is full bodied, and has strong berry notes. Bottle Knows can bring your favorite red wine right to your door, until 2 am, anywhere in Calgary, 7 days a week. 

Bottle Knows is delighted to deliver wine, and assist with any questions regarding wine that you may have.  Serving you the customer is what we pride ourselves on.  A great customer service experience is what we produce! Bottle Knows has great working relationships with many liquor stores throughout the city of Calgary, and we can consult with them to find your number one brand anytime.  Bottle Knows has professional and mature drivers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  We strive to make your experience top notch.  Call us today and Let Us Know What You’d Like!

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