Bottle Knows Standards Of Service

by | Last updated Nov 1, 2019 | Published on Nov 1, 2019 | Blog

Keeping Calgarians Safe is what Bottle Knows strives to accomplish. Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like! Our Drivers are courteous and friendly, and Pro Serve Certified. Calgarians who use our liquor delivery service will not be disappointed. We go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. We deliver beer, liquor, and wine until 2 am. If you require a late night delivery, be sure to place your order before 2am, and we can be there for you. We provide liquor delivery after hours until 2:30 am. Bottle Knows can deliver special order items, like flowers and other gifts too! We are happy to provide you with dinner orders, snacks, and anything else you need to make your party great! Bottle Knows Delivery is a new local business and we do not disappoint! Our customers know that we are fast, and reliable. Bottle Knows is professional and licensed. Our drivers are effective with communication so you know when your order is set to arrive. Calgary has many liquor store options, which makes for many liquor, wine, & beer selections. We work with liquor stores to ensure you can get your favorite choice of wine or champagne, beer, or liquers. Bottle Knows will always consider the competition, and if you are looking for a quote for service – just ask! We offer the best value in Calgary. We serve all of Calgary Liquor, Wine, & Beer – at the best rates!

Bottle Knows asks that you also take into consideration our driver’s safety. Drivers are not permitted to enter apartment units or hotel rooms after 10 pm. This is our company standard, and we ask that you respect the safety of our drivers and meet them in the lobby to receive your delivery. Bottle Knows is happy to discuss any questions you have regarding our standards. Our goal is make sure you are happy with the service we provide. Call us anytime! Calgary is a busy city, and Bottle Knows is here to help! We understand it can be a hassle to get around. Our Calgary liquor, wine & beer delivery service is above the competition. We are prompt, cost efficient, and most of all – we are safe. Impaired driving laws have changed, and taking that risk can cost you thousands of dollars. Let Bottle Knows bring you any liquor, wine or beer – without the risk of an impaired driving charge. Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What you’d Like!