Calgary Cocktails

by | Last updated Nov 1, 2019 | Published on Nov 1, 2019 | Blog

Bottle Knows is happy to serve you with your favorite cocktail ingredients! We deliver Calgary-wide and do not charge for extra stops. If you need some great cocktail ingredients, give us a call today! We do not charge for extra stops, so if you need something special, we are delighted to provide! Martini’s are always a great choice when you want to impress your friends! Let Bottle Knows what type of liquor you require, and we won’t disappoint. Let’s say you are having margaritas? Need the salt and lime? We can bring you whatever you need to make delicious margaritas! Cocktails are the best enjoyed on ice, so if you run out – Bottle Knows can bring ice too!

How about a nice slushy daiquiri? Let Bottle Knows your favorite rum, and we can help make your cocktails great again! Parties are not parties without cocktails! Calgary loves to indulge in cocktails, and with Bottle Knows, Calgarians can be assured that they will have everything they need to make perfect cocktails! Mojitos, Tequila Sunrise, Vodka Paralyzers, Gin & Tonic, the list goes on! Try a tasty Monkey’s Lunch or Root Beer Paralyzer! Don’t forget those maraschino cherries! If you prefer something like a classic old fashioned, let Bottle Knows bring the bourbon! We are open until 2 AM, 7 Days a Week. Call us today, or use our easy online order system! Cocktail culture has become very trendy lately, and everyone knows what is hot! With such a large selection of liquor available, you are sure to please even the pickiest cocktail enthusiast. Ceasars are a Calgary favorite! Many pubs and bars mix all different types of ceasars, but some prefer to enjoy in the comfort of their own home! Let Bottle Knows bring you everything you need to make your ceasar your way! Don’t forget the specialty coffees! Bottle Knows can bring Bailey’s, Kahlua, Brandy, Frangelico, and many other types of liquor that can really spice up those after dinner coffees. Don’t forget the whip cream! Call Bottle Knows Today! Let Us Know What You’d Like!