Cheers To Beers

by | Last updated Nov 1, 2019 | Published on Nov 1, 2019 | Blog

Calgary has a plethora of local craft breweries: Village Brewery, Boiling Oar, Wild Rose, Big Rock, Brewster’s, Tool Shed, and the list goes on! Bottle Knows Delivery Service can bring your favorite craft beer, until late after hours – Just place your order through our easy to use online order system, and we will provide your delivery without hassle. Beer is enjoyed throughout Calgary by many who appreciate the diverse selection of beer that Calgary Liquor Stores & Breweries Offer. Bottle Knows will deliver your favorite beer until late! Prefer the simple stuff? Bottle Knows delivers Budweiser, Molson, Kokanee, Coors, Lucky, MGD, and many more! There are many options when it comes to beer, and although it can seem overwhelming, Bottle Knows can offer great suggestions based on your tastes. We can suggest many brands and types of beer to go with any occasion! Some of our popular imported beers are Stella, Heineken, Carlsberg, Sapporo, Miller, and Guinness.

Beer is a great addition to your gatherings and festivities, and Bottle Knows does not disappoint! Calgary liquor stores stock wide varieties of beer, and we work with them to make sure you get the beer you want! BBQ with the office? Call Bottle Knows for your beer delivery needs today!

Calgarians have a deep appreciation for the local craft breweries in our area. Craft Beers are a trend, and Calgary Beer makers have gone above and beyond to offer a wide selection of beer at affordable prices. Tool Shed’s Belgian Dip is one of the top best sellers in Calgary. If you like a Stout we suggest their Flat Cap. It will blow you away! Brewster’s Blue Monk Barleywine will really satisfy the extra strong beer connoisseur. Who doesn’t love a fruit beer? Also trending, the fruit beers have become a staple on the patios in Calgary. Our summers are nothing without Belly Flop Apricot Grisette from Big Rock. Prefer a lighter beer? Try Plainsbreaker from Banded Peak Brewery – a perfectly light beer to enjoy with dinner!

Bottle Knows is Happy to help if you have any questions about any type of beer. We can deliver to office parties, BBQ’s Family Gatherings, or any other occasion. We are here when you need the beer! Call us today! (403)966-5929