Go Flames Go!!

by | Last updated Nov 1, 2019 | Published on Nov 1, 2019 | Blog

Calgary Parties With the Playoffs!

The regular season is coming to a close, and our Calgary Flames are on fire! Playoff Parties are on their way! Celebrate right, and call Bottle Knows for your hockey party refreshments! We want to keep Calgarians safe. Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like! Bring on the Air Horns and Jagerbombs! Do your playoff party a favor, and call Bottle Knows for your liquor delivery in Calgary. We deliver Beer, Wine, Spirits, Ciders, and anything else you need to make the playoffs unforgettable! We all know a DUI is offside and the penalty stinks! Call Bottle Knows to make sure you can party away risk free! We deliver to you an experience like no other delivery service in Calgary. You need beer fast? Call us and let us impress your guests! No need to worry about long waits times, we guarantee the fastest delivery in the city, and we will prove it! Don’t let your guests suffer call Bottle Knows today! The Calgary Flames are going to have a great playoff season! Devoted Calgary Flames fans will be there for the ride! Celebrate our Flames and throw a stellar party that no one will forget! Let Bottle Knows deliver the refreshments, so you can focus on the game! No need to worry about missing a goal or scrap – use our online order system, and see how easy it is to have your favorite beverages delivered. Supply your playoff party with pizza, snacks, sweets, or anything else your guests want! Bottle Knows Can deliver to your party anytime! Calgarians rely on Bottle Knows to provide the service they know they deserve. Keep those good times rolling, and enjoy the game! The Flames are bound to torch the competition, and so are we! Cheer on the Flames, and celebrate Calgary with Bottle Knows liquor delivery!