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What’s Special Event Staff Calgary?
special event staff Calgary Aug 08, 2023

Special event staff Calgary refers to individuals or organizations that provide personnel services for special events such as weddings, conferences, festivals, concerts, and other similar gatherings. These staff members can perform a variety of roles, including event planning and coordination, customer service, security, food and beverage service, parking and traffic control, and much more. 

The main goal of special event staff is to make sure that the event that they’re assigned to runs smoothly, safely, and successfully. Not only that but they are also responsible for helping create a positive and memorable experience for attendees while taking care of the behind-the-scenes details.

While that’s just a short overview of what they are and what they do, there’s more that they actually bring to the table, and in this article, we are going to list them down so you can know what they really do! 

5 Responsibilities Of Special Event Staff Calgary

Here are some of the many responsibilities of special event staff: 

 1. Event planning and coordination

The special event staff is responsible for the planning and coordination of events. This includes tasks such as researching and selecting venues, negotiating contracts with vendors, creating event schedules, and overseeing setup and tear down. They work with event organizers to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that all necessary preparations are made before the event starts.

2. Customer service

Special event staff act as the first point of contact for attendees and are responsible for providing customer service. This includes greeting attendees, answering questions, resolving issues, and directing attendees to different areas of the event. They aim to create a positive experience for attendees and ensure that their needs are met.

3. Security

Special event staff plays an important role in maintaining safety and order at events. They are responsible for checking identification and bags at the door, monitoring crowd behavior, and responding to emergencies. They also ensure that all security procedures are followed to ensure the safety of attendees.

4. Food and beverage service

Special event staff may be responsible for serving food and drinks, managing food stations, and ensuring that all food safety guidelines are followed. They work with catering companies and event organizers to ensure that food and beverages are provided in a timely and efficient manner.

5. Set up and tear down

The special event staff is responsible for setting up and taking down equipment and decorations before and after events. This includes tasks such as setting up tables, chairs, lighting, audio equipment, and other items. They also ensure that the venue is left in a clean and tidy condition after the event is over.

Please do keep in mind that the tasks may vary depending on the type of event, its size, and the specific requirements of the event planners.