• Calgary Cocktails

    Bottle Knows is happy to serve you with your favorite cocktail ingredients!  We deliver Calgary-wide and do not charge for extra stops.  If you need some great cocktail ingredients, give us a call today!  We do not charge for extra stops, so if you need something special, we are delighted to provide!  Martini’s are always a great choice when you want to impress your friends!  Let Bottle Knows what type of liquor you require, and we won’t disappoint.  Let’s say you are having margaritas? Need the salt and lime?  We can bring you whatever you need to make delicious margaritas!  Cocktails are the best enjoyed on ice, so if you run out – Bottle Knows can bring ice too!

    How about a nice slushy daiquiri? Let Bottle Knows your favorite rum, and we can help make your cocktails great again!  Parties are not parties without cocktails!  Calgary loves to indulge in cocktails, and with Bottle Knows, Calgarians can be assured that they will have everything they need to make perfect cocktails!  Mojitos, Tequila Sunrise, Vodka Paralyzers, Gin & Tonic, the list goes on!  Try a tasty Monkey’s Lunch or Root Beer Paralyzer!  Don’t forget those maraschino cherries!  If you prefer something like a classic old fashioned, let Bottle Knows bring the bourbon!  We are open until 2 AM, 7 Days a Week.  Call us today, or use our easy online order system!    Cocktail culture has become very trendy lately, and everyone knows what is hot!  With such a large selection of liquor available, you are sure to please even the pickiest cocktail enthusiast.  Ceasars are a Calgary favorite!  Many pubs and bars mix all different types of ceasars, but some prefer to enjoy in the comfort of their own home!  Let Bottle Knows bring you everything you need to make your ceasar your way!  Don’t forget the specialty coffees!  Bottle Knows can bring Bailey’s, Kahlua, Brandy, Frangelico, and many other types of liquor that can really spice up those after dinner coffees.  Don’t forget the whip cream! Call Bottle Knows Today! Let Us Know What You’d Like!

  • Cheers To Beers

    Calgary has a plethora of local craft breweries: Village Brewery, Boiling Oar, Wild Rose, Big Rock, Brewster’s, Tool Shed, and the list goes on! Bottle Knows Delivery Service can bring your favorite craft beer, until late after hours – Just place your order through our easy to use online order system, and we will provide your delivery without hassle.  Beer is enjoyed throughout Calgary by many who appreciate the diverse selection of beer that Calgary Liquor Stores & Breweries Offer.  Bottle Knows will deliver your favorite beer until late!  Prefer the simple stuff?  Bottle Knows delivers Budweiser, Molson, Kokanee, Coors, Lucky, MGD, and many more!  There are many options when it comes to beer, and although it can seem overwhelming, Bottle Knows can offer great suggestions based on your tastes.  We can suggest many brands and types of beer to go with any occasion!  Some of our popular imported beers are Stella, Heineken, Carlsberg, Sapporo, Miller, and Guinness.   

    Beer is a great addition to your gatherings and festivities, and Bottle Knows does not disappoint!  Calgary liquor stores stock wide varieties of beer, and we work with them to make sure you get the beer you want!  BBQ with the office?  Call Bottle Knows for your beer delivery needs today! 

    Calgarians have a deep appreciation for the local craft breweries in our area.  Craft Beers are a trend, and Calgary Beer makers have gone above and beyond to offer a wide selection of beer at affordable prices.  Tool Shed’s Belgian Dip is one of the top best sellers in Calgary.  If you like a Stout we suggest their Flat Cap.  It will blow you away!  Brewster’s Blue Monk Barleywine will really satisfy the extra strong beer connoisseur.  Who doesn’t love a fruit beer?  Also trending, the fruit beers have become a staple on the patios in Calgary.  Our summers are nothing without Belly Flop Apricot Grisette from Big Rock.  Prefer a lighter beer?  Try Plainsbreaker from Banded Peak Brewery – a perfectly light beer to enjoy with dinner!

    Bottle Knows is Happy to help if you have any questions about any type of beer.  We can deliver to office parties, BBQ’s Family Gatherings, or any other occasion.  We are here when you need the beer!  Call us today! (403)966-5929

  • Bottle Knows Standards of Service

    Keeping Calgarians Safe is what Bottle Knows strives to accomplish.  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!  Our Drivers are courteous and friendly, and Pro Serve Certified.  Calgarians who use our liquor delivery service will not be disappointed.  We go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met.  We deliver beer, liquor, and wine until 2 am.  If you require a late night delivery, be sure to place your order before 2am, and we can be there for you.  We provide liquor delivery after hours until 2:30 am.   Bottle Knows can deliver special order items, like flowers and other gifts too!  We are happy to provide you with dinner orders, snacks, and anything else you need to make your party great!  Bottle Knows Delivery is a new local business and we do not disappoint!  Our customers know that we are fast, and reliable. Bottle Knows is professional and licensed.  Our drivers are effective with communication so you know when your order is set to arrive.  Calgary has many liquor store options, which makes for many liquor, wine, & beer selections.  We work with liquor stores to ensure you can get your favorite choice of wine or champagne, beer, or liquers.  Bottle Knows will always consider the competition, and if you are looking for a quote for service – just ask!  We offer the best value in Calgary.  We serve all of Calgary Liquor, Wine, & Beer – at the best rates!

    Bottle Knows asks that you also take into consideration our driver’s safety.  Drivers are not permitted to enter apartment units or hotel rooms after 10 pm.  This is our company standard, and we ask that you respect the safety of our drivers and meet them in the lobby to receive your delivery.   Bottle Knows is happy to discuss any questions you have regarding our standards.  Our goal is make sure you are happy with the service we provide.  Call us anytime!  Calgary is a busy city, and Bottle Knows is here to help!  We understand it can be a hassle to get around.  Our Calgary liquor, wine & beer delivery service is above the competition.  We are prompt, cost efficient, and most of all – we are safe.  Impaired driving laws have changed, and taking that risk can cost you thousands of dollars.  Let Bottle Knows bring you any liquor, wine or beer – without the risk of an impaired driving charge.  Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What you’d Like!

  • St. Patrick’s Day 2019

    St. Patrick’s Day 2019

    St. Patty’s is a fun occasion that is celebrated by many people in Calgary. Bottle Knows will happily deliver your Liquor, Wine, & Beer Until 2 am.  Calgary knows how to party when it comes to St. Patty’s Day!  Bring on the green beer and Jamison! How about some Irish Car Bombs or Guinness?  Celebrate with Bottle Knows and always know we have your back!

    St. Patty’s Day wouldn’t be fun without green food coloring!  Bottle Knows can bring your food coloring and the beer to put it in!  The city of Calgary comes alive on this glorious day, and Bottle Knows is just a phone call away!  Surprise your friends with a special delivery of Liquor, Wine, & Beer to keep your St. Patty’s Day Party going!

    Let us bring your Budweiser, Kokanee, Molson, or Corona!  Variety is the key to life – and with Bottle Knows; we can deliver!  Our relationships with many retailers allow us to offer many types of beer.  We can bring imports like Carlsberg, Dos Equis, Stella Artois, & Becks.  Local Craft Beers can also be picked up and delivered to you until 2 am.  Bottle Knows is happy to help with any beer selection questions or thoughts.  Calgary has some great local breweries, and if its one of their offerings you would prefer, call us today!  Beer is what makes St. Patty’s Day famous.  And Bottle Knows is here to help!  As always we provide a customer service experience that is unmatched in Calgary. We are committed to keeping Calgary safe!  Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!

  • Define The Wine

    Choosing wines can be overwhelming. Rule of thumb is to always remember if you are pairing with food – Light color meats generally pair with light color wines.  Dark color meats pair with dark colored wines.  Bottle Knows is happy to help if you ever have any questions.  We can deliver the type of wine and food you are craving.  Our experienced staff can help you to choose a wine selection based on what types of wines you have enjoyed in the past.  With Bottle Knows there is always guidance available if you cannot decide which wine to buy.  We deliver wine anywhere within the city of Calgary. We can bring large orders for special events, or a single bottle to enjoy with dinner.  Calgarians who call us know that we do not disappoint!  Some popular brands we serve regularly are Kim Crawford, Barefoot, 19 Crimes, Bodacious, Lindeman’s Bin, Naked Grape, Copper Moon, Wine o’ Clock, Wolf Blass, and many more. Bottle Knows is licensed to serve until 2 am, and we also accept pre-orders.  Choose us for your delivery needs! 

    White wines come from many different types of grapes.  Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, & Rose. That is only a few. White wine is a perfect addition to a nice lemon roasted chicken dinner.  White wine also can be combined with a tasty Halibut or Salmon.  White wine can be used in cooking to really bring out flavors and aromas.  Bottle Knows has access to many retailers who provide wide varieties of different brands to suit your needs.  Bottle Knows is happy to assist with your wine choices!  Pinot Grigio has a nice light citrus flavor.  It can be enjoyed on its own, or served with a delicious pasta, such as a herbed Alfredo.  Sauvignon Blanc is best served chilled, as it is a refreshing white wine with hints of grapefruit. 

    Red wines also have many different varietals: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernets, Chianti, and there are plenty more!  Red wine can make your steak dinner a feast you will always remember.  Red wine can also be used in cooking.  Try a little with sautéed mushrooms or onions.  Merlot is a soft gentle red, and can have a hint of chocolate.  A great red blend is the Red Rooster.  Try it today! Another popular red wine is Malbec.  It is full bodied, and has strong berry notes. Bottle Knows can bring your favorite red wine right to your door, until 2 am, anywhere in Calgary, 7 days a week. 

    Bottle Knows is delighted to deliver wine, and assist with any questions regarding wine that you may have.  Serving you the customer is what we pride ourselves on.  A great customer service experience is what we produce! Bottle Knows has great working relationships with many liquor stores throughout the city of Calgary, and we can consult with them to find your number one brand anytime.  Bottle Knows has professional and mature drivers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  We strive to make your experience top notch.  Call us today and Let Us Know What You’d Like!

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