• Personality Types & Cocktail Choices

    Gin & Tonic

    You are straight to the point, blunt and can be bitter.  You appeal to others who also have the mature pallet to withstand the resentful and sometimes vitriolic bite that a tasty G&T offers.  Mostly uncomplicated, you go about your course with an unstoppable momentum and have a deep appreciation for finer goods such as designer clothes and accessories. 


    Upbeat, and bubbly, you don’t take yourself too seriously.  You are fresh and crisp, and your friends all describe you as peppy and animated.  You are the life of the party!  Enthusiasm oozes from your pores, and it always seems you are perky – even first thing in the morning.  It’s always an ongoing battle to enjoy straight up, or with a touch of OJ – just for that Vitamin C you so deeply care about including in an always balanced diet.

    Rye & Coke

    You are confident and settled, and always ready for a night out!  This choice determines that you hold no grudges and can always bounce back from a bad breakup or let down.  You don’t take yourself too seriously, and have no problem having a good laugh at yourself.  You enjoy what is simple, and generally go with the flow. 


    Some say that drinking wine is for snobs – but not us!  Wine drinkers are trendy, and always on the lookout for the next new and upcoming hotness. You enjoy a little gossip once in a while, and sometimes have been known to spill a few secrets.  All in all, you are relaxed, easy-going, and complimentary to parties and gatherings. Whatever it is you feel in the mood for, Bottle Knows is here for you Calgary!  We can deliver your favorite beverages and will always do our best to make sure you are satisfied with our service.  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like! Give us a call for all your liquor delivery needs!

  • Delicious Summer Cocktail Recipes

     Bottle Knows here to share some tasty summer cocktail recipes!  Now that summer it’s on its way, we know how lovely it is to sit on a patio and sip a tasty beverage in the sun.  

    1. Blueberry Mojito

    Fresh Blueberries & Sweet Mint Come Together to Give Your Taste Buds What They Crave! 

    ¼ cup fresh blueberries
    6 fresh mint leaves, torn
    1½ oz Stoli Blueberry Vodka
    2 tbsp fresh lime juice
    1 tbsp simple syrup
    7UP or Sprite, to top up

    Using a tall glass, muddle blueberries and torn mint leaves. Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes and stir in Blueberry Vodka, lime juice and simple syrup. Top up glass with 7UP or Sprite. Stir well and garnish with blueberries and mint.

    Try It In a Punch Bowl and Really Turn Up The Fun in The Sun!

    2.  Pink Lemonade Martini

    Zippy & Peppy! With a Lemon Zing to Keep You on Your Toes!

    1½ oz cranberry juice 
    1oz Limoncello
    1oz lemon flavored vodka
    1oz lemonade
    ½ oz lime cordial

    Combine cranberry juice, Limoncello, lemon-flavored vodka, lemonade and lime cordial in a cocktail shaker. Add a large handful of ice shake well to chill and pour into a martini glass.

    We Love to Make These For Our Girlfriends After a Long Day at Work.  Or Even Just to Celebrate a Beautiful Saturday Afternoon! You Can Modify to Your Taste! 

    • Mexican Bulldog

    It’s the Best of Both Worlds! This Slushy Creation Will Have Your Guests Begging For Another!

    5 Cups of Ice

    1 Cup of Tequila

    ½ Cup Orange Liquor

    5-8 Limes

    1 Orange

    1 Cup Simple Syrup

    6 Corona

    Juice 5 Limes and The Orange.  Make Sure to Collect all that Citrus Goodness by Rolling the Fruit Between Your Hand and the Countertop.  Now Mix The Juice, Syrup, & Liquors Together.  Add a Heaping Cup Of Ice to The Blender and Enough of The Marg Mix to Just Cover The Ice.  Blend Well, and if Desired, Use Salted Rimmed Glass to Really Kick it Up!  Pour the Mixture into a Tall Glass, and Tip The Corona Into The Mixture to Let it Slowly Blend Into The Margarita.  Garnish With Lime, and Enjoy!

    Bottle Knows liquor delivery Calgary is Happy to Share Our Favourite Recipes With Our Valued Customers.  We Can Always Be Available to Bring You Anything You May Need to Make Your Cocktails Great Again!  Serving Calgary SW, SE, NE, NW.

    Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like

  • Calgary Stampede 2019

    More than 1.2 million guests rush to Calgary consistently for the yearly Calgary Stampede – otherwise called the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!  Bottle Knows will be available throughout the entire stampede to serve your every need!   We can deliver liquor until late in the night to make sure your Stampede Parties are the best they can be.  Bottle Knows can also deliver food, gifts, and anything else you need.  Bottle Knows wants to make sure that Calgary stays safe and that is why we offer delivery late night so people do not choose to drink and drive.  Bottle Knows has professional drivers who pride themselves on giving you the best service in Calgary.  Bottle Knows will always deliver your favorite flavors, and we promise the fastest service citywide.  If you are travelling from out of town, we make it easy to get your order in with our online order system.  We can deliver to any hotel, Air BnB, or residence no problem!  Call Bottle Knows and be assured that your Stampede experience is the greatest of all time! 

    The Calgary Stampede brings people together for a great time, every time!  Bottle Knows should always be your first choice when ordering liquor delivery!  Bottle Knows supports the Stampede, and the raging parties it brings to Calgary.  Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!  We serve Budweiser, Canadian, Kokanee, Coors, and many other selections!  We can bring ice, mix, booze and more!  Stampede Parties are made great by delicious, tasty beverages, and Bottle Knows has got you covered.  We can serve wine, champagne, and your favorite cocktail ingredients faster than any Calgary liquor delivery company there is.  Bottle Knows makes Stampede an unforgettable experience for each and every one of our customers.  We strive to make sure that you get that late night drink order as fast as we can.  

    The Calgary Stampede concerts are always a great time!  Enjoy the music and party with your friends as some of the best bands play live music throughout.  The rodeo is also a great sight to see as some of the worlds best show off their skills!  After parties are everywhere, and Bottle Knows is there for you when you need us! 

    Calgary Stampede 2019 is going to be one for the books!  Bottle Knows is Calgary born and bred, and we support all local Calgary breweries.  We can bring you craft beer made right here in our city.  Calgary Stampede has been a tradition and will stay a tradition for many years to come.  Late night Stampede party goers know to call us when they need liquor late night.  During Stampede we are offering 24 hour delivery service.  Call for area availability.  Stampede can also be stressful and hectic, so we guarantee that planning a Stampede Party will be a breeze when you call us for the alcohol your party needs.  We can serve large parties, and will always give free quotes if you are interested in our pricing.  Bottle Knows is Calgary’s favorite liquor delivery service, and our great reviews will explain why.  Try Bottle Knows today, and you will not be disappointed.  Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!

  • Spring Means Party Time Calgary!

    The weather is changing, and with it brings more opportunities to celebrate outdoors!  Bottle Knows Liquor Delivery Calgary is there for your patio party needs!  There is nothing like sitting around the fire, jamming to sweet tunes and sipping some tasty bevies!  Bottle Knows can deliver late night so the party can continue, as it should!  Start up the BBQ, Crank the Beats, and Pour Yourselves some fun!  Warmer weather encourages those great beers bee matches, and intense beer pong wars!  Don’t forget the corn hole, and horseshoes!  Whatever activity you choose, Bottle Knows can deliver your favorite sips to keep you and your guests quenched!  We can deliver to you whatever you need, whenever you need it!  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!

    Garden Parties, Baby Showers, and Engagement Parties…these events can be difficult to plan and coordinate.  Bottle Knows is there to help take some of the stress off your back!  We deliver Wine, Champagne Beer, Cider, and Spirits.  Forget to get ice or mix?  We can help you out!  Need a quick gift?  Bottle Knows can pick up anything you need!  Events can be a breeze, just call us today! 

    Graduation parties are on their way!  Celebrate the right way with Bottle Knows!  We can deliver gifts, food, liquor, wine, beer, or anything else needed!  So enjoy the celebration, take lots of photos, and let Bottle Knows deliver the goods!  Spending time with friend and family while celebrating a graduation is memorable time for many people.  Take the opportunity to enjoy this time with friends and family while they honor your achievements.  On the flipside, show your graduate how proud you are by sending a sweet gift!  Bottle Knows can deliver anything anytime!  Flowers, Candies, Gifts, and anything else you want to send someone special. Bottle Knows is committed to providing Calgary with the best delivery experience.  We have professional drivers who care about our clients.  Bottle Knows is licensed and pro serve certified.  We deliver to Calgarians late night, so they do not take the risk of impaired driving charges.  Bottle Knows is here for Calgary always!  We are devoted to Calgary, and we will ensure that safety is number one priority always!  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!


    Calgary Parties With the Playoffs!

    The regular season is coming to a close, and our Calgary Flames are on fire!  Playoff Parties are on their way!  Celebrate right, and call Bottle Knows for your hockey party refreshments!  We want to keep Calgarians safe.  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!  Bring on the Air Horns and Jagerbombs!  Do your playoff party a favor, and call Bottle Knows for your liquor delivery in Calgary.  We deliver Beer, Wine, Spirits, Ciders, and anything else you need to make the playoffs unforgettable!  We all know a DUI is offside and the penalty stinks!  Call Bottle Knows to make sure you can party away risk free!  We deliver to you an experience like no other delivery service in Calgary.  You need beer fast?  Call us and let us impress your guests!  No need to worry about long waits times, we guarantee the fastest delivery in the city, and we will prove it!  Don’t let your guests suffer call Bottle Knows today!  The Calgary Flames are going to have a great playoff season!  Devoted Calgary Flames fans will be there for the ride!  Celebrate our Flames and throw a stellar party that no one will forget!  Let Bottle Knows deliver the refreshments, so you can focus on the game!  No need to worry about missing a goal or scrap – use our online order system, and see how easy it is to have your favorite beverages delivered.  Supply your playoff party with pizza, snacks, sweets, or anything else your guests want!  Bottle Knows Can deliver to your party anytime!  Calgarians rely on Bottle Knows to provide the service they know they deserve.  Keep those good times rolling, and enjoy the game!  The Flames are bound to torch the competition, and so are we!  Cheer on the Flames, and celebrate Calgary with Bottle Knows liquor delivery!

  • Health Benefits To Drinking Wine?

    DUH!  We have always known there are definitely benefits to drinking wine…but health benefits?  That will take some studies! So we are doing/ sipping in the hope of educating ourselves – and our customers…and drinking wine.  We must always drink the wine!

    When choosing your wine for antioxidants, go with red.

    Antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols may help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart. A polyphenol called resveratrol is one substance in red wine that’s gotten attention.

    Next time you open a good bottle of wine, don’t forget to sniff before you sip. Not only is smelling the wine an important part of the tasting process, but it could also be good for your brain health.

    New research published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found that master sommeliers—who were described in the study as “experts in wine and thus in olfaction”—could be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s than people in other professions. 

    Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas examined brain scans of sommeliers against a test group of people in other professions, and found that the sommeliers had “enhanced volume” in certain parts of their brain. Basically, according to the scans, their brains were thicker in certain places, specifically those tied to smell and memory. 

    “There were regional activation differences in a large area involving the right olfactory and memory regions, with heightened activation specifically for sommeliers during an olfactory task,” stated the study.

    “This is particularly important given the regions involved, which are the first to be impacted by many neurodegenerative diseases,” said the researchers. “Overall, these differences suggest that specialized expertise and training might result in enhancements in the brain well into adulthood.”

    So, smelling wine now could pay health benefits later.

    What about recent research supporting wine consumption for clients with diabetes? An Austrian study that showed polyphenols in red wine bound to the same protein as the type 2 diabetes drug rosiglitazone. 

    “However, as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom pointed out, the results of this in vitro study does not mean type 2 diabetics should drink wine instead of taking their medication,”  “ there shouldn’t be any harm in having a small amount of dry red wine with the meal, and in fact it may even help with insulin resistance in those afflicted.” 

    “There’s enough data to resist chastising clients with diabetes who partake in moderate wine consumption but not enough to recommend wine to those who don’t already drink.

     Drinking wine appears to be good for the lungs, a University at Buffalo study has shown, and in this case, the primary credit goes to white wine rather than red.

    “This finding may indicate that nutrients in wine are responsible for the positive effect of alcoholic beverages on lung function,”  “Red wine in moderation has been shown to be beneficial for the heart, but in this case the relationship was stronger for white wine.” 

    The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Ralph Hochstetter Medical Research Fund (Buswell Fellowship) at UB and Research for Health in Erie County.

    Bottle Knows supports healthy lifestyle choices, and wine is definitely part of our healthy lifestyle.  Call Bottle Knows for your delivery needs!  Be it wine, liquor, beer, or anything you need!  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!

  • Calgary Cocktails

    Bottle Knows is happy to serve you with your favorite cocktail ingredients!  We deliver Calgary-wide and do not charge for extra stops.  If you need some great cocktail ingredients, give us a call today!  We do not charge for extra stops, so if you need something special, we are delighted to provide!  Martini’s are always a great choice when you want to impress your friends!  Let Bottle Knows what type of liquor you require, and we won’t disappoint.  Let’s say you are having margaritas? Need the salt and lime?  We can bring you whatever you need to make delicious margaritas!  Cocktails are the best enjoyed on ice, so if you run out – Bottle Knows can bring ice too!

    How about a nice slushy daiquiri? Let Bottle Knows your favorite rum, and we can help make your cocktails great again!  Parties are not parties without cocktails!  Calgary loves to indulge in cocktails, and with Bottle Knows, Calgarians can be assured that they will have everything they need to make perfect cocktails!  Mojitos, Tequila Sunrise, Vodka Paralyzers, Gin & Tonic, the list goes on!  Try a tasty Monkey’s Lunch or Root Beer Paralyzer!  Don’t forget those maraschino cherries!  If you prefer something like a classic old fashioned, let Bottle Knows bring the bourbon!  We are open until 2 AM, 7 Days a Week.  Call us today, or use our easy online order system!    Cocktail culture has become very trendy lately, and everyone knows what is hot!  With such a large selection of liquor available, you are sure to please even the pickiest cocktail enthusiast.  Ceasars are a Calgary favorite!  Many pubs and bars mix all different types of ceasars, but some prefer to enjoy in the comfort of their own home!  Let Bottle Knows bring you everything you need to make your ceasar your way!  Don’t forget the specialty coffees!  Bottle Knows can bring Bailey’s, Kahlua, Brandy, Frangelico, and many other types of liquor that can really spice up those after dinner coffees.  Don’t forget the whip cream! Call Bottle Knows Today! Let Us Know What You’d Like!

  • Cheers To Beers

    Calgary has a plethora of local craft breweries: Village Brewery, Boiling Oar, Wild Rose, Big Rock, Brewster’s, Tool Shed, and the list goes on! Bottle Knows Delivery Service can bring your favorite craft beer, until late after hours – Just place your order through our easy to use online order system, and we will provide your delivery without hassle.  Beer is enjoyed throughout Calgary by many who appreciate the diverse selection of beer that Calgary Liquor Stores & Breweries Offer.  Bottle Knows will deliver your favorite beer until late!  Prefer the simple stuff?  Bottle Knows delivers Budweiser, Molson, Kokanee, Coors, Lucky, MGD, and many more!  There are many options when it comes to beer, and although it can seem overwhelming, Bottle Knows can offer great suggestions based on your tastes.  We can suggest many brands and types of beer to go with any occasion!  Some of our popular imported beers are Stella, Heineken, Carlsberg, Sapporo, Miller, and Guinness.   

    Beer is a great addition to your gatherings and festivities, and Bottle Knows does not disappoint!  Calgary liquor stores stock wide varieties of beer, and we work with them to make sure you get the beer you want!  BBQ with the office?  Call Bottle Knows for your beer delivery needs today! 

    Calgarians have a deep appreciation for the local craft breweries in our area.  Craft Beers are a trend, and Calgary Beer makers have gone above and beyond to offer a wide selection of beer at affordable prices.  Tool Shed’s Belgian Dip is one of the top best sellers in Calgary.  If you like a Stout we suggest their Flat Cap.  It will blow you away!  Brewster’s Blue Monk Barleywine will really satisfy the extra strong beer connoisseur.  Who doesn’t love a fruit beer?  Also trending, the fruit beers have become a staple on the patios in Calgary.  Our summers are nothing without Belly Flop Apricot Grisette from Big Rock.  Prefer a lighter beer?  Try Plainsbreaker from Banded Peak Brewery – a perfectly light beer to enjoy with dinner!

    Bottle Knows is Happy to help if you have any questions about any type of beer.  We can deliver to office parties, BBQ’s Family Gatherings, or any other occasion.  We are here when you need the beer!  Call us today! (403)966-5929

  • Bottle Knows Standards of Service

    Keeping Calgarians Safe is what Bottle Knows strives to accomplish.  Please Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!  Our Drivers are courteous and friendly, and Pro Serve Certified.  Calgarians who use our liquor delivery service will not be disappointed.  We go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met.  We deliver beer, liquor, and wine until 2 am.  If you require a late night delivery, be sure to place your order before 2am, and we can be there for you.  We provide liquor delivery after hours until 2:30 am.   Bottle Knows can deliver special order items, like flowers and other gifts too!  We are happy to provide you with dinner orders, snacks, and anything else you need to make your party great!  Bottle Knows Delivery is a new local business and we do not disappoint!  Our customers know that we are fast, and reliable. Bottle Knows is professional and licensed.  Our drivers are effective with communication so you know when your order is set to arrive.  Calgary has many liquor store options, which makes for many liquor, wine, & beer selections.  We work with liquor stores to ensure you can get your favorite choice of wine or champagne, beer, or liquers.  Bottle Knows will always consider the competition, and if you are looking for a quote for service – just ask!  We offer the best value in Calgary.  We serve all of Calgary Liquor, Wine, & Beer – at the best rates!

    Bottle Knows asks that you also take into consideration our driver’s safety.  Drivers are not permitted to enter apartment units or hotel rooms after 10 pm.  This is our company standard, and we ask that you respect the safety of our drivers and meet them in the lobby to receive your delivery.   Bottle Knows is happy to discuss any questions you have regarding our standards.  Our goal is make sure you are happy with the service we provide.  Call us anytime!  Calgary is a busy city, and Bottle Knows is here to help!  We understand it can be a hassle to get around.  Our Calgary liquor, wine & beer delivery service is above the competition.  We are prompt, cost efficient, and most of all – we are safe.  Impaired driving laws have changed, and taking that risk can cost you thousands of dollars.  Let Bottle Knows bring you any liquor, wine or beer – without the risk of an impaired driving charge.  Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What you’d Like!

  • St. Patrick’s Day 2019

    St. Patrick’s Day 2019

    St. Patty’s is a fun occasion that is celebrated by many people in Calgary. Bottle Knows will happily deliver your Liquor, Wine, & Beer Until 2 am.  Calgary knows how to party when it comes to St. Patty’s Day!  Bring on the green beer and Jamison! How about some Irish Car Bombs or Guinness?  Celebrate with Bottle Knows and always know we have your back!

    St. Patty’s Day wouldn’t be fun without green food coloring!  Bottle Knows can bring your food coloring and the beer to put it in!  The city of Calgary comes alive on this glorious day, and Bottle Knows is just a phone call away!  Surprise your friends with a special delivery of Liquor, Wine, & Beer to keep your St. Patty’s Day Party going!

    Let us bring your Budweiser, Kokanee, Molson, or Corona!  Variety is the key to life – and with Bottle Knows; we can deliver!  Our relationships with many retailers allow us to offer many types of beer.  We can bring imports like Carlsberg, Dos Equis, Stella Artois, & Becks.  Local Craft Beers can also be picked up and delivered to you until 2 am.  Bottle Knows is happy to help with any beer selection questions or thoughts.  Calgary has some great local breweries, and if its one of their offerings you would prefer, call us today!  Beer is what makes St. Patty’s Day famous.  And Bottle Knows is here to help!  As always we provide a customer service experience that is unmatched in Calgary. We are committed to keeping Calgary safe!  Don’t Drink & Drive, Let Bottle Knows What You’d Like!

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