Do Not Drink And Drive | Safety Tips After Drinking

Every year, thousands of people die in Canada because of drunk driving or if they got involved in a accident where the driver that hit them was drunk or intoxicated. This is completely sad and angering, considering that such incidents could have been avoided if people thought about their lives and the lives of the other.

As a liquor selling company and bar services provider, we want to send out a clear message, drinking while driving is not right and it will never be.

This is why in this blog, corporate event staff Calgary is about to list down some reasons why you or anyone that is reading this should never drive in case they are drunk.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Not Drink And Drive

  • You Are Risking The Life Of Other People

The first reason is not even for you, but it’s for the people that are on their way to work or back to their families after a long day. When you are driving as you are drunk, you are risking the life of other people and the life of other people. Driving while drinking is not a good thing to do, considering that you are not physically eligible to carry out such act.

  • You Are Not Capable Of Driving

The second reason is that you are not capable of driving. When you’re drunk, you are dizzy and you will have a hard time in navigating your vehicle. This is not a good thing to experience and experiment with, instead, stay where you are and call a cab or a friend who is sober so they could drive you to your house or the place where you are staying at. This is an important thing to do.

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  • Slow Response Time  

The third thing is that you have a slow response time when you are drunk, which is why you should not drink and drive. When you are driving, you should make sure you are physically active and you are capable of driving with complete focus. Drunk driving is the reason why thousands of families in Canada have a missing member, and you do not to allow your family to experience that.

  • Lights Are Hard To Look At

When you are drunk, lights that hit your eyes are unbearable, and they could cause you a panic attack or it can lead you to freak out in the middle of the road. Dippers can make you dizzy, which can cause you to bang into another vehicle.

Note: These are just 4 of the countless reasons why you should not be driving when you are drunk.

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