Learn Alcohol Gifting Etiquettes

Bringing a special bottle of wine or blended whiskey as a gesture of affection has long been fashionable for any joyous event or celebration. However, many of us are unaware of ways to enhance the aesthetic and spiritual attractiveness of this gift. Here are some dos and don’ts that bottle knows professionals recommend to make special occasions even more special.

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Do’s of Alcohol Gifting

In addition to considering the occasion’s character, bear the following advice in mind:

 1. Introduce a new item to your recipient: Take advantage of the occasion to buy something that they might not have chosen for themselves. Consider giving your G&T enthusiast father a bottle of navy strength gin or your whiskey connoisseur partner a bottle of a lesser-known single malt whiskey.

2. Presentation matters: When giving alcohol as a gift, presentation is crucial, just like with any other kind of gift. A brown bag will not be accepted. Purchase some festive packaging instead, and include a fancy “To/From” gift tag or a holiday card.

3. Add another item to your gift: Once the recipient has finished the bottle, add something else if you feel your gift is insufficient. This could be anything from a nice glass they can reuse to a delicious bar of chocolate you can pair with cognac.

4. Offer ideas on how to use your gift: Make your gift more intriguing by turning it into an intriguing component of tasty cocktails. Include a recipe with your gift card so the recipient can mix up their own delicious batch of drinks.

5. Try something regional: There are a huge number of distilleries in the nation. Bring the bottles from your neighborhood if you are going to see friends or loved ones.

6. Get your present delivered as a surprise: Look into the gifting choices available and try to have the gift delivered as a surprise before you arrive. When it comes to Calgary alcohol gift delivery, Bottle Knows may be a great assistance. Don’t let it pass you by.

Don’ts of Alcohol Gifting

 1. Avoid giving them what you prefer: Being considerate counts. Even when you enjoy a certain brand of whiskey, your receiver may not share your enthusiasm for whiskey. Keep in mind that the event is about them, not you.

2. If you can’t offer them a bottle in person, don’t gift one: Alcohol is difficult to ship since the bottles might shatter and the recipient must sign the package. The possibility of having products stolen is also present. So it’s advisable to give your present in person rather than risk it. Along with seeing the recipient’s joyful expression, you can be sure that your present will be protected.

3. Don’t always feel the need to go above your budget: You can always find a less expensive version of the alcohol you want that is just as pleasant, even if the alcohol you desire is on the more expensive end of the scale.

In conclusion, pick Bottle Knows if you’re thinking about having your bottle delivered in Calgary. We have the best service of alcohol gift delivery Calgary.

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