Pick A Better Bottle Of Wine With These Tips

Unexpectedly, good wine is neither overpriced nor ancient. So how can you determine what constitutes a quality bottle of wine? To begin with, it is rich, complex, and lingers in your mouth long after you have tasted it. But there are so many, you say. Where should I start? The broad guidelines of swirl, sniff, and sip are a good place to start, but there is more to know when deciding whether a wine is worth your money and taste buds. To figure out exactly what to look for and how to recognize a fine wine, we turned to the experts.

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Everything isn’t as it seems at first. Although front labels may seem alluring, always examine the entire box before making a purchase. For more information about a wine, read the rear labels. There are occasionally hints about the wine, such as details on the grapes, tastes, age, importers, and geography. Watch for any endorsements, such as accolades or reviews online—all indications of quality wine. Inquire for recommendations if you want to. If you’re ordering from an Online liquor store Canada, take a good look at the rear label of the bottle from the images available.


Sniff and swirl. Here, two of the basic principles of taste apply. Has it had good legs? You’re familiar with the thin liquid drips that gently descend the glass’s edges. Legs don’t really matter when it comes to fine wine, but they can give you an idea of how much alcohol is in it. Sniff. How do you feel? Honey? Peppers? Apple? Oak? It’s likely that the wine will taste better the more you smell it.


Pay attention to the taste. After circling the glass and giving it a good whiff, take a drink. Feel free to move your tongue around the liquid. Do you detect grapefruit or dark cherries? To determine how many distinct flavors you can detect, use your taste receptors. A hint: the more flavors you can detect, the more complex the wine is—as long as it’s in harmony and doesn’t smell foul. Even better if all of the flavors linger on your tongue for a while.


Is that a Bordeaux from 2005? Decent vintage. You may determine whether the temperature and weather circumstances led to a wonderfully ripe harvest—and superb wines—by doing some research, knowing your years, and a few of your favorite wine-producing locales. Some grapes might lose quality due to extreme heat, cold, or too much rain. Before making a purchase, do some research, especially if you’re exploring a new area, and don’t let age deceive you. 


It’s likely that you will like the wine if you buy it again. Keep using the one you prefer once you discover it. It’s easy, but pay attention to the grape varieties used in the wines you like. You could enjoy a French Burgundy if you enjoy Oregonian Pinot Noir. But a Syrah from the Rhône may differ slightly from a Shiraz from South Africa or Australia. Investigate the wine industry. So, don’t worry and try to find out your own flavor.

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