These days, people are very obsessed with trying bourbon whisky and want to try different brands to learn about the different flavors. For this, they prefer to try it at their convenient location, which is why they use Calgary dial-a-bottle and get that delivered to their doorstep.

Calgary Dial A Bottle

If you are also interested in trying various bourbon whisky brands but are not aware of them, then you are at the right place. Through this blog, you will get to know about the popular bourbon brands that you can try for a new and different experience.

1. Knob Creek

The aroma of this whisky holds notes of rich wood and vanilla, with a further hint of roasted almond and maple syrup. Due to this rich flavor of sweet and almond, people get interested in trying this bourbon brand. If they are getting really interested in trying this big, bold, and complex taste of whisky brand, then they should order this bourbon from Calgary dial a bottle, and try the unique flavor and taste. 

2. Makers Mark

This is a sweet-smelling whisky that holds hints of caramel and vanilla, which takes the flavor to a whole new level and grabs the interest of people to give it a try. More than this, the brand is made with soft red winter wheat, instead of usually rye which makes the taste richer of this whisky. The presence of red winter wheat enhances all the flavors and makes it easy to drink by everyone.  

3. W.L Weller

This specific bourbon brand has a full-bodied flavor with sweetness and unusual floral notes from the combination of vanilla, which is why people want to experience this royal flavor. While tasting, people even get to know how well they like this rich brand.

4. Michter’s

If people want to experience strong notes of dried apple, apricot, caramel, black pepper, and other spices, then they should try this brand of bourbon. This is because everyone wants to try bourbon which will give them a different and strong taste when they take a sip. At that time, they prefer to have this bourbon and get a really quick hangover.

5. Van Winkle

This specific bourbon whisky has oak tannins, a lengthy, smoky wheat aftertaste, and also has notes of fruit, spice, and other flavors. More than this, this drink is a perfect combination of age and proof, which is why the taste will be really strong, which people can experience by smelling it. So, they should try any specific whisky of this brand to get the strongest and different flavor which they can get by taking a single sip.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to trying different brands of alcoholic drinks, then people should refer to the above information to try the popular brands of bourbon. This is because this brand has numerous popular options available for all which they can try and enjoy the different flavors with a unique and rich experience.

Other than this, if you are searching for the best place from where you can order these whiskies, Bottle Knows is the best option, as they can deliver your order to your doorstep.


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