Popular Full-bodied Red Wines That All Should Try

While spending time with family or a group of friends, a glass of red wine would be the perfect combination to have, which everyone can get at their convenient location if they choose the wine delivery Calgary service offered by Bottle Knows.

Red wine is mainly prepared by destemming and crushing the grapes in a tank and leaving them through the fermentation process to get a well-flavored wine. To get this rich and flavorful experience, everyone should try red wine.

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But now, when it comes to trying, all are usually unaware of which red wine they should try. So, they can refer to this blog, as the post below contains information about some popular full-bodied wines that everyone should try for the best experience.

Without waiting for much time, let’s jump directly into the blog.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

This is basically a full-bodied and acidic wine that is known for its dark color because of the presence of high alcohol content in it. This popular wine has a high level of everything, including acidity and tannin, which gives it a distinct flavor. Whenever anyone drinks this wine, they get to experience the notes of black cherry, green pepper, and spice of vanilla from oak aging, which makes it perfect to drink at any time.

2. Shiraz

Bottle Knowledge, as a renowned provider, always recommends that customers try this full-bodied red wine. This is because the wine is rich with bold and complex flavors, which is why it has a dark red color. Shiraz wine, also known as Syrah, mainly depicts a taste profile of meaty with black pepper, dark fruit, violets, and notes of blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, licorice, chocolate, herbs, and olives, which makes it a different wine that everyone will definitely try to have the amazing experience.

3. Malbec

This is another popular red wine that mainly has the rich fruit flavors of Argentinian Malbec, such as blackberry, plum, and black cherry. To get the interesting flavor of this wine, people should choose a wide-mouth glass to try and get the intense fruit aromas of this specific drink. However, the large glass of this wine helps to soften the spicy tasting notes and balance all other fruity and savory flavors.

4. 1448 Red Blend

The wine is mainly popular among North Americans of all ages as it is made from a unique combination of grapes that enhance the aroma as well as the flavor. In general, the taste of this wine is juicy and fruity, but the sweetness may vary because sometimes the aroma of coffee is present and prevents the sweetness.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the above-mentioned red wine, there are many other options available that everyone can try. So, if you also want to try and have an amazing experience at your convenient place, you should call and place your order at Bottle Knows and get the wine at your doorstep through the wine delivery Calgary service.

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