La Dama Tequila Blanco


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La Dama is the biggest organic blue agave grower in the world. We present a paradigm shift in the present and future of tequila. Our agricultural and production processes are based on the revolutionary ideas of our Mexican ancestors

We prioritize and acknowledge agave as the most important ingredient of tequila making, the only way of creating sustainability for the future is finding balance between the endemic ecosystems we share with Mother Earth to produce our beloved spirit, we believe this should be the norm if we want upcoming generations to have the possibility of also enjoying our ancient spirit:

Organic certified
Agave grown in single state ranches that study, monitor and preserve flora and wildlife by our botanical team for a minimum of 7 years.
Biodynamic principles of agriculture taught by Rudolph Steiner are in place on every La Dama ranch.
Agricultural plan devised to prevent erosion
No chemically made product was ever used
Maximum preservation of natural water cycle
Wasted agave fibers used to create bottle labels and paper with local artisans

Cooked inside traditional Masonry Ovens for 72 hours
Fermented with endemic yeast
Double Distilled


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