The 4 Most Common Vodka Myths: Now Debunked!!!

Vodka’s popularity all over the world is undeniable. It is amazingly a clear spirit with a super crisp taste that can be paired with lots of flavors. Even though technically vodka is a distilled spirit that is derived from water and ethanol, the truth is there are plenty of other resources too which can be used to make it such as wheat, rice, corn, rye, potatoes, etc. More than that the neutral flavor of vodka makes it perfect for cocktails and drink mixes that are unique to the taste especially when paired with different fruits. If you too want to recreate making one of those iconic flavors, visit our website to avail the most reliable Calgary dial a bottle service and order your favorite vodka.

Howsoever, even after being such a popular spirit, a big chunk of the global population is still hesitant to try this incredible alcoholic beverage because they have many misconceptions about it in their mind. So, for you, we will debunk 4 of these most common misconceptions in the blog post below.

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Myth No.1:  All Vodkas are Exactly The Same

Certainly not. The taste greatly varies depending on where vodkas are distilled. What matters, even more, is the distillation technique, the type, and the quality of raw material used in the making of the drink. For example, the traditional vodka from Eastern Europe, which is infused with a fantastic flavor and is considerably stronger and more robust than vodka made in America has a neutral flavor.

Myth No. 2: Vodka Has No Taste Or Odour

Vodka smells just like rubbing alcohol, as you may already be aware if you’ve ever taken a sniff. Let us inform you that different brands of vodka have different flavors and scents in case you haven’t experienced it yet. Vodka is made from components, each of which has a distinct flavor and taste. Thus, some products have an oily character and some are quite light in nature, depending on the substances utilized. A good example is VDKA 6100, which has a creamy mouthfeel and citrus and white pepper undertones. On the other hand, Absolut Elyx boasts a silky vanilla finish with flavors of citrus peel and marshmallow.

Myth No. 3: Vodka Can Only Be Used In A Cocktail

Do you honestly believe that any sort of vodka can be used in a drink and would still taste great? So you are entirely mistaken. Any sort of vodka can impair the flavor of a vodka cocktail because they typically only contain a few components. So, instead of using fruit-flavored vodka while making a drink, Calgary dial a bottle service providers advise utilizing basic vodka like Pristine Vodka.

Myth No. 4: It Is Only Possible To Make Vodka From Potatoes

One of the most pervasive vodka misconceptions is this one. People mistakenly believe that all vodkas are distilled from potatoes, even though just 3% of vodkas are. Vodka is really created from a wide range of substances, some of which may even surprise you. Today, among other things, barley, rye, wheat, corn, grapes, and sugar cane are used to make vodka.

Well, that’s it for the day. We hope now you will find yourself a reason to try vodka. In case you feel like buying one without having to leave the house in this bone-chilling winter, do avail of the exclusive Calgary dial a bottle service from Bottle knows and reinvent your own flavor at home using your favorite vodka.

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