Whenever it comes to any happy occasion or celebration, taking an elite bottle of wine or blended whisky as a token of love, has always been in vogue. However, a lot of us do not know how to make this gift even more appealing to the eye and soul. Here are some do’s and don’ts that the experts of bottle knows to suggest to make your visit even more special.

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The Do’s of Alcohol Gifting

Apart from keeping in mind the nature of the occasion, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Introduce something new to your recipient: Use the celebration as an opportunity to buy something that the recipient would not have purchased for themselves. For example, treat your G&T fanatic father to a navy strength gin or your whiskey-loving lover to a lesser-known single malt brand.
  • Presentation matters: Similar to any gift, presentation is important when it comes to gifting alcohol. A brown bag won’t make the cut. Instead, buy festive-looking packaging and throw in a fancy “To/From” gift tag or a holiday card. 
  • Pair your gift with something else: If you feel your gift is not enough, pair it with something else once the recipient empties the bottle. This could mean anything from delicious chocolate you could pair with cognac or a nice glass they can re-use.
    • Suggest ways to serve your gift: Make your gift more interesting by making it an interesting ingredient for delicious cocktails. Include a recipe in your gift card to help your receiver make their own tasty batch of cocktails. 
    • Try something local: The country has thousands of distilleries. If you are traveling to visit friends or loved ones, bring them the bottles from your local area.
  • Get Your gift surprise delivered: Explore the gifting options available and try getting the gift surprise delivered prior to your arrival. Bottle knows can help you very well with alcohol gift delivery in Calgary. Don’t miss out on it.

The Don’ts of Alcohol Gifting

Don’t get them something you like. Being thoughtful counts. Even though you like a particular brand of whiskey, if your recipient is not a whiskey fan, they will not appreciate your gist. Remember: the event is about them, not about you.

Refrain from giving a bottle if you cannot give it to them in person. Shipping alcohol has complications: it needs a signature from the recipient plus the alcohol bottles can break. There is also the risk of stolen goods. So instead of risking your gift, it’s best to hand it in person. Apart from ensuring the safety of your gift, you get to see the happy look on the recipient’s face.

Don’t feel like you always have to break your budget. Even if the alcohol that you want rests on the higher end of the spectrum, you can always find a more affordable version that is just as tasty.

In conclusion, if you’re considering getting your bottle delivered in Calgary, choose bottle knows. They offer undisputed alcohol gift delivery in Calgary.

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