The Truth About Beer & Its Health Benefits

Toasting the holidays, perhaps? According to several studies, moderate beer consumption may be good for your health. Here are a few justifications for this. The health benefits of beer observed by experts at bottle know, the best platform to buy beer online in Calgary, clearly proves that it is not as bad as you think, especially for your health.

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Beer Is Healthier Than Other Alcoholic Drinks

Beer has just as many antioxidants as wine, despite frequent claims to the contrary. Despite the fact that the flavonoids in grapes and barley are different from those in hops, antioxidants are still beneficial. Protein and vitamin B levels in beer are greater than those in wine. Better still, beer has nutrients including fiber, calcium, iron, and phosphates. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

Kidney Stones Can Be Avoided With Beer

Beer consumption may lower your chance of acquiring kidney stones. A recent study found that moderate beer drinkers, both men, and women, had a 41 percent lower chance of acquiring kidney stones. Beers with a high hop content, such as pale ales, are full of phytochemicals that support kidney health.

Beer Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Beer’s soluble fiber can aid in lowering LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. Numerous health advantages come from increasing your consumption of soluble fiber, including the support of normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Alcohol can, however, impair the body’s capacity to burn fat deposited in the body because it prevents the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals.

Beer Is A Stress-Reliever

Two beers a day, according to research, can lessen tension or anxiety at work. However, regularly using alcohol as a stress reliever could have more negative effects than positive ones. Alcohol might temporarily lessen stress, but over time, it can cause sadness and anxiety, which makes stress more difficult to handle.

Beer improves brain function

Increasing alcohol intake was linked to higher function in middle-aged participants. Although moderate alcohol use has been shown to improve cognitive performance, these findings do not mean that we should promote higher alcohol consumption.

Having said that, we would also like to focus on the fact that these facts prove to be true in the case of moderate drinkers. It goes without saying that “excess of everything is bad”, similarly avoid drinking in excess in order to reap the benefits of beer drinking habits. 

So, what are you thinking of now? Buy beer online in Calgary from bottle knows, the best online liquor store.

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