Top 5 Reasons To Choose Bottle Knows® Liquor Store

Customers all throughout the world, not just in Canada, have come to appreciate how convenient it is to get drinks on demand. As a result, the industry for internet liquor sales and delivery services is expanding and has become very competitive.
Well, whenever it comes to alcohol delivery Calgary, everybody’s go-to partner is Bottle knows®. Here’s why:

Alcohol Delivery Calgary

1. Wide range of spirits to choose from:

Bottle knows is a one-stop shop for its customers. This is mainly because at Bottle Knows®, one can choose from a wide variety of booze. Whether your poison of choice is beer, vodka, scotch, rum, tequila, or wine, you can find your favorite brand, buy it online and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time. Such options would most likely be not available in walk-in liquor stores.

2. Seasonal & festive discounts:

At Bottle knows®, a lot of discounts and offers are provided to our esteemed customers so that they can have a good time by saving more on their alcohol purchases. Oftentimes, these discounts and rebates are made available during the holiday season and on special occasions. Also, there are recommendations that are based on a customer’s personal preferences. This way we make our clients’ celebrations even more special.

3. Delivery Service:

We just don’t offer various discounts to our customers but we also let them enjoy more time by delivering their drinks chilled, right to their doorstep. This saves them precious time and effort, giving them a little extra break on the weekend, and allowing them to enjoy their time.

4. Buy from a reputed service provider:

It’s crucial to complete your research and make sure your chosen seller is reliable before doing any online alcohol orders. You want to get what you paid for in the end. In this sense, you should look for relevant reviews on their websites. As a result, you are more prepared and can thus make a more educated choice.

5. Cost benefit:

Buying drinks online from bottle knows® specifically provides you with additional cost benefits. This is mainly because the bottle knows sources its stock right from the brands themselves, providing them a chance to offer their customers, their favorite drinks at the most effective price. And, since it is truly said that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, this brings them a chance to save more.


So, if you too are looking for alcohol delivery Calgary, give us a chance to serve you the way you’ve always expected. Place your order today for the best deals!

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