What Online Businesses Need To Do To Increase Safety Of Packages During This Pandemic?

A lot of people have concerns regarding packages being delivered to their houses during this coronavirus pandemic, considering that the bacteria of this deadly virus can stay on cardboards for up to over 3 days, not only that but miss-handling of orders can affect the orders too.

As an owner of an online business such as order liquor online Calgary, you need to make sure that your customers are safe and they receive all their orders in the best possible way.

But what exactly can you do?

In this blog, online liquor store Calgary will be listing down some things that businesses need to do in order to increase the safety of packages during this coronavirus pandemic.

5 things online business owners can do in order to increase safety of packages during this coronavirus pandemic

  • Add a plastic wrap

Remember, the covid bacteria survive for just 48 to 72 hours on plastic, but longer on cardboards. To help your customers stay safe, you want to add a plastic wrap over their order so they can just remove that and safely handle their other stuff. They can cut the plastic cover with a scissor or a cutter without having to touch it.

  • Sanitise everything when it’s going out

The second thing that you need to do is sanitise everything when you are sending the order out. This is a must thing to do considering that it will help you keep every order fo your customer clean and hygienic. Sanitising them also allows you to keep the delivery handlers safe if you are carrying out the delivery itself.

  • Use strong boxes

In order to keep the things inside safe, you want to have a strong box. A strong box is a must if the order is going to a different city. Having a strong box will help you keep breakables and other fragile inside safe and sound.

Online Liquor Store Calgary
  • Add bubble wrap

Another thing that you need to do is add bubble wrap inside the box if you are sending out fragile items. Along with newspapers, bubble wrap is a complete must. They will help the things inside the box to be safe throughout the trip.

  •  Seal it properly

The last thing that you want to do is seal the entire box in the best possible way. Sealing the box will help you out a lot in keeping the box properly sealed throughout the entire trip until it reaches the destination it is going to.

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