6 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Bottle Knows

As the majority of you are aware, Calgary’s most dependable booze delivery service is Bottle Knows®. Late into the night, we offer excellent services. When you need us the most, we are here for you. However, there are still some people who are eager and excited to know why bottle knows® is so well preferred and adored for delivery liquor Calgary.

delivery liquor Calgary

  1. SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICES: Well first things first, every customer preferably hunts for the best price and we’re able to deliver our customers their favorite wine or drink at the price they love to pay. We make this happen by sourcing our stock directly from the brands, instead of involving any intermediaries which cut down the net price significantly.
  2. WIDE VARIETY OF SPIRITS TO CHOOSE FROM: There’s absolutely nothing more to ask for when you get to choose from hundreds of your favorite brands. Let it be heni or AnCnoc 16-Year-Old. You can find all types of spirits from most brands available in the region, making it far easier to find your favorite label over one website.
  3. SECURE PAYMENT METHOD:  All the payments on our website are made through secure gateways where all your sensitive information is kept secure at all costs. More than that, no matter what mode of payment you choose, we accept most of them from visa to MasterCard, and all credit cards are accepted on our website.
  4. SAFE AND LIGHTNING FAST DELIVERY: Unlike other online liquor stores that take weeks to deliver a simple bottle of wine, bottle knows has a wide network of delivery persons who prioritize your order and deliver your favorite liquor straight to your doorstep that too within the least time possible. We also have a nationwide delivery service. Just make sure your area is covered under this service by visiting our website.
  5. BEST DEALS AND OFFERS: Since we believe in rewarding our loyal customers, we frequently announce sales and discounts to our customers. These offers save you a lot on your stock of spirits when ordered in bulk. Even the prices that we generally offer liquors are super competitive.
  6. ASSURED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: With all these benefits that every customer gets, being a part of the bottle knows family becomes irresistible. And, no matter what, we never differentiate between any customer and his order. Our only motto is to deliver the best bottle at the best price, every single time. So, whenever you think of delivery liquor Calgary, think Bottle Knows®.


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